Complete Introduction to Tarot Class:


Have you ever wanted to take a class on the Tarot?

As one of the earliest known tools of ancient seers, wisdom-seekers and oracles, the Tarot holds a fascination for a lot of us.
We have a sense that, somehow, the Tarot is a set of keys to unlocking some of the mysteries of the universe.

With 78 cards in a deck, we usually assume that we would have to memorize a lot of individual cards’ “meanings” in order to ever grasp the Tarot completely.

That simply isn’t true.


Nor, by the way, is it true that the Tarot is “dangerous” or “scary”.


The Tarot is actually a tool of empowerment!!


– a tool of focus and choice –


The Magician from the Rider- Waite Smith tarot deck

The Magician from the Rider- Waite Smith tarot deck

….that helps us manifest our very soul’s purpose.


But it is a CHOICE-CENTERED system of wisdom – not a simple oracle at all.


Each and every human being – every single one of us – on our beautiful planet has an amazing, usually untapped power –

…and you have this same incredible power, too! It is none other than

Your Own Intuition.

Developing and tapping into your intuition is simply a practice that you can build –

-like a yoga practice

…..or any self-introspective, consciousness-building modality of connecting to a higher power.

The Tarot can be thought of as a tool – like a barbell weight for muscle training, the tarot is a tool for intuition training. Like a pen and paper are tools for a writer, and a book is a tool for a reader, a deck of tarot cards is a tool for an intuitive.

We can build our intuition like a muscle in a gym –

– by USING it!

The Tarot is a beautiful, universal way to begin using your intuition more and more –


….and building its strength and its guidance into your life can be completely transformative.


Master Tarot teacher,




intuitive medium and tarot master Laura Elisebethlearn to read the tarot cards- meaning of the 4 of wands

has given us access to a full Introduction To Tarot class!

Regularly, this 1-hr introductory class sells at Virtual Tarot School for $35…

The class is in two parts for you,

and is currently released from Laura’s Tarot for Beginners course for us to access and study as an introductory class

– with the goal of giving more people a foundational tarot education –

which WE believe should be available to everyone in the same way that ALL great spiritual works, and bodies of knowledge, can benefit ALL of humanity….

The Tarot is for Everyone.


In Laura’s Introduction to Tarot class,


you’ll learn about the REAL tarot –


and the 7 most commonly held myths about the Tarot.


PART 1: The first part of the Introductory class is titled The 7 Secrets of the Tarot


Illuminated Visions 8 of cups– and addresses what the Tarot REALLY is,


versus the prevailing myths about the Tarot that have come down through history to us.


In this training, you’ll learn


  1. The transformative potential of the Tarot and its relationship to alchemy and manifestation ~
  2. How the Tarot connects you to your intuition ~
  3. How the Tarot is a tool of empowerment and choice for humanity ~
  4. How it is possible for each and every human to learn the Tarot very simply and quickly ~
  5. How to read tarot cards, and how to avoid the biggest mistakes in reading ~
  6. The Tarot as a system ~
  7. The suits & arcanum & numbers of the Tarot


You’ll learn so much from this introductory class that, by the end of the class,

you’ll be able to get a deck of tarot cards for yourself, and read with them-

without needing to reference a book or any other material to guide you!

It really is very accessible stuff after training with Laura for just a short amount of time.

This introductory class is truly excellent stuff.

Laura is a phenomenal teacher with over three decades of experience in intuitive practice and getting a full hour of her training can be very transformative for students.

You won’t be disappointed. You might want to grab a pen and paper before you sit down with this class, because there are lots of notes to take for sure.

Have a great week!


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